Pricing and Cancellation policy:

Pricing of each unit may vary anytime without prior notice based upon season and demand.

Some units may be unavailable and some units may be added for a short period of time only


We don’t sell on mrp.

Martin is low in these products

Since we selling provides which are very difficult to find in one city
So we have many products like chatmola Mango masti, etc we get from another city
So it costs more than that because of transport. Charges

Packing cost

These are food products so we need to pack them properly before shipping we ship our products in the box
We need to buy boxes according to size and quality box starting from 10 rs and it’s going to 60 rs and tape it properly before shipping the order

Shipping cost

We charge 60 rs per order
But we need to pay the company according to the weight of that package
We use Amazon shipping the charges 66 rs for 500 gm
Many others go up to 4 kg so we don’t charges customer extra shipping cost



Website Maintenance cost and Payment gateway cost

We pay months charges website
maintenance cost
To company run our website smoothly

At every order, one cut goes cash-free payment gateway

We don’t charges very high there are only. 20 to 30 rs difference
On our website, we mentioned every think in the product description so users can easily think find out
On our website, all our products are very affordable so any one can easily. An effort that our range starts from 15 rs and goes up to 100 rs

If you still think we are very high so u can visit our store in Patiala
At our store consumers can get most of all items At MRP

These are cost why we charge more than MRP

It’s very difficult to charge separately for Packing costs. And all
So we add it products cost for easily understand customer


In case of cancellation of the order before the order is dispatched, we will refund 100% of the value. Orders will not be refunded once the order has been dispatched from our warehouse.


Since being a consumable product, once received by you we do not accept any returns.


We don’t provide Cod option